If you are in need of instant cash you can now pawn your car and still drive it. Pawn my car and still drive Boksburg  give loans up to the value of your vehicle. Checks will be done before process of the loan. A credit check may take place.  Your vehicle will need to be evaluated as well as checked that it is in good running condition. Pawn my car and still drive Boksburg do not accept vehicles that are not running as then it would have no value.

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Pawn my car and still drive Boksburg
Pawn my car and still drive Boksburg will make sure that you understand all the necessary details when it comes to pawning your car. You will still be able to drive your vehicle but the title owner of the vehicle will then be placed under our pawn company. The Pawn Company will be the title owner whilst your loan is being paid.  Once loan is paid up the title owner will go back into the original owners name. We offer fair cash loans to you. There are interest fees when it comes to pawning your car. The interest fees depends on the amount of money that you are getting when pawning your car. If you are looking for more information regarding a pawnbroker and what it is they actually do you can click on the following link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pawnbroker

Pawn my car and still drive it Boksburg  offer professional service and will always advise you on the best option when it comes to pawning you car with us. A few application forms will need to be filled out with us and we will have your car evaluated at our premises.

Pawn my car and still drive Boksburg

Get your cash the same day. We know that it is hard times and we all face problems at some point in our lives. We keep all records confidential. The loan payback can work from a 6 month payment plan and up to 3 years payment plan. Pawn My Car and Still Drive It Boksburg have been in the pawning industry for over 16 years and we are professional and efficient.

We cannot process a loan if the title owner of the vehicle is not of the same name as the person requesting the loan. Both need to match before the process. Pawnshop owners must learn about different makes and models of vehicles and should have high knowledge of what the car is worth, this is why they have a car evaluator on site to make sure the valuation is done correctly.

Shall one fail to pay back their loan that they received for pawning their vehicle, then the vehicle legally will belong to the pawnbroker. There are terms and conditions that will be signed. It is important that one understands these terms and conditions correctly . Contact Boksburg   Pawn my car and still drive today for more information regarding the pawning of your car and what the best options are.